FataMorgena Productions, LLC is a film production company that is currently based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. FataMorgena’s purpose is to produce genre-based visual stories, with a five-year production plan that three feature films and at least five short films and one mini-series.

Mission and Vision:

  • Advocating and exploring means of communication and expression to facilitate mutual respect and understanding, while visually representing the subjective nature of reality and the unreliable nature of human perception
  • Collaboration and professional growth for women and minorities who are under-represented in the film industry to produce thrillers, science fiction, psychological dramas and thrillers, with dystopian and American gothic stylistic influences.


Our Founder: Morgen A. Whiteman


Morgen A. Whiteman holds a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, and a bachelor’s degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences with a minor in Linguistics, and works full-time as a  speech-language pathologist and adult skilled nursing facilities in the DC metro area.

She has written and directed award-winning short films, as well as filled the roles of producer, cinematographer, editor, script supervisor, and production assistant for local short films, feature films, and web series. She has received training in film and the performing arts at the New York Film Academy, UCLA, as well as the Theatre Lab and Studio Theatre in DC.